“I’m so happy to be able to cast one of my votes for you Michael. I know you would make a great addition to the school board. I’m glad I was able to meet you and I look forward to the opportunity of serving our communities collectively moving forward. Best of luck on today my friend!” -RaQuishia Harrington

“Michael Tilley – Social justice warrior & brilliant local ed policy wonk who has been following this district WAY longer than I have. He knows where the bodies are buried. I don’t recall disagreeing with a thing he has ever said, and if I have, I was probably wrong.”-Karen Nichols

“I’m also endorsing Michael Tilley. Michael has followed school board matters for years and digs deep into data and research to arrive at viewpoints and recommendations. That’s exactly the mindset and work ethic we need on school board. Michael also has the temperament to work collaboratively with the administration and respect the vote of the board.” -Janet Godwin

“Michael and I have been on opposite sides on some issues, but I greatly appreciate his willingness to adjust his opinion when new information is available. Michael is very much data driven and loves the debate and deliberation that comes with serving in an elected capacity. He does not make the argument personal, nor does he take differences of opinion personally. There are some very important issues on the horizon including, but not limited to: searching for a new superintendent, facility master plan 2.0, tight budgets due to persistent underfunding of public education, a persistent opportunity gap, and rapid explosive growth. Michael will always get the data and then break it down to develop an opinion. I encouraged him to run for board back in 2015 and am pleased to see him (finally) decide to take the plunge. He will be a great board member and will make decision that focus on ALL of our kids and maximizing student achievement.” -Brian Kirshling

“I am supporting Michael Tilley for school board. There’s a lot to like about Michael, and my two main reasons for supporting him are: a) his analytical mind and 2) his kindness. Michael will disagree but is never disagreeable. He is always respectful. We need more people with a kind heart determining what happens in our district. And there is no one that I have encountered since I started following the school board who can analyze data and reach fact based conclusions better than Michael. He knows his stuff. So please as you’re considering who to vote for, consider a vote for Michael.” –Matt Falduto

“Michael Tilley is a great choice for the ICCSD School Board. I want to focus on 3 personal qualities that I’ve observed over the last 6 years that Michael has been deeply engaged in our district. (1) Michael is a passionate advocate for justice and inclusion, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our community. (2) Michael is devoted to thoughtful, evidence-based decision making, even if that leads to uncomfortable conclusions or reconsidering previous positions. (3). Michael is committed to meaningful public discussion of the issues at stake in a school district, and understands the board’s important role in making sure that policy is informed by these discussions.” -Eric Johnson

“I am proud to support Michael Tilley.  I have been particularly impressed with his in depth knowledge of issues ranging from budget, to equity and the latest research.  He really does his homework and will be prepared to lead on day 1 of his term.  Tilley has a passion for ensuring that every student, regardless of their resources or zip code, has what it takes to succeed.   Vote Tilley for School Board!” -Rockne Cole

“Today I am reaching out to express that I am voting for Michael Tilley for School Board. I got to know Michael while working as the Student and Family Advocate at Lucas Elementary. We’ve had numerous conversations and I always feel heard no matter the subject which ranged from his kids or the collective “our” kids, our school or the district, our shared history or numbers that negatively impact the few. He embraces the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. This is what I want in a school board member and he is who I will be voting for on November 5th.” -Yolanda Spears

“When I first met Michael, we were on opposing sides of an issue. That did not stop either one of us from talking and getting to know one another. He will be the same person on the school board. Michael is not about getting his own way or promoting his own agenda or being right. He is about getting to know the issues and what others think and then coming to the best conclusion or solution. He basically wants to do the best for our kids and that is the most important thing.” –Jean Jordison

“I had the privilege of teaching two of Michael Tilley’s children for a combined 4 years, as a result I have gotten to know him well. Michael has always been a very caring, thoughful, and open-minded person. He is an amazing listener and thorough researcher. These qualities are so important for members of our school board. He has my vote!” -Kirk Ryan in a Facebook post

“I’m voting for Michael Tilley because I know he will use his strong analytical skills to dig through data and then apply common sense to make sure decisions make sense to the families and children in our district. Michael has been involved in our district from the parent/community level for many years and I was pleased to see him run for school board. He will be a strong advocate for equity, for teachers, and for data-driven decisions.” -Brianna Wills in a Facebook post

“We have a school board election approaching in our city. I think it’s a good idea for you to support Michael Tilley. He is a man of reason, evidence and equity. I have come to know Michael over many years, and while we may not agree on everything, I do know that the decisions he makes while on the board will be measured and evidence based. We have many fine candidates running, but as Michael is a friend of mine, I felt it was important to extol his virtues to those of you who don’t know him. Vote for Michael. He’s a smart guy, and according to my kid, makes a heck of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To my mind, these things make him exceptionally qualified to serve on the board.” -Darcie Hutzell

“Voting Tomorrow for Michael Tilley for School Board. We believe his thoughtful approach to complex issues will help the Board make the best possible choices for our kids. Plus, all the very smart people who share our values that we know are voting for him. 🙂 ” -Sam Ingersoll in a Facebook post

“I support Michael Tilley because I worked with him in our elementary school PTO and saw right away that he is genuinely interested in what is best for the students.  Michael understands the broad issues that effect their experiences, and I believe he will be an excellent advocate for all students as well as our teachers.” -Ben Hill 

“Chilly walk to vote for Michael Tilley for School Board today at the Johnson County Administration Building. Michael’s ability to take decades of educational research and create meaningful and impactful strategies for success in our own school district is a skill that is sorely needed on the Iowa City School Board. I hope you’ll join me in voting for him either early like me or next Tuesday, November 5.” -Mike Shluckebier in a Facebook post

“We believe that Michael would bring a measured and meaningful view to the current ICCSD school board that would help make decisions taking into account all of the needs faced by our children, staff and buildings.  He has been actively following the district’s work as an involved parent at Lucas Elementary.  Michael also views diversity as an asset and we believe he would work to ensure that our district continues to make strives in this area. For all of these reasons, Michael will receive our vote on November 5th.” –E. Malone and Ruthina Malone, Iowa City Residents

“I support Michael Tilley for ICCSD school board because I believe his data driven, metered approach to complex issues coupled with his diplomacy skills are exactly the leadership we need to successfully move our district forward. As the mother of an ICCSD student I trust Michael’s voice and vision for each and every one of our children and their school success. Our community NEEDS Michael as we begin the search for our new superintendent.” –Shannon Miner

“In my experience working with Michael on the Lucas PTO, he has been unfailingly thorough, thoughtful, and rational.  He is a rigorous researcher and he considers issues beyond what is most immediately appealing or what would benefit his own family or families in similar situations.  He is truly dedicated to the success of all students and will serve our district with the dedication our kids deserve.” –Aprille Clarke, Communications Chair, Lucas Elementary PTO

“In the school board race, we support Paul Roesler, Shawn Eyestone, Lisa Williams and Michael Tilley. These candidates do not have identical ideologies, but they share a genuine commitment to education and a solid understanding of the district. Until public schools receive adequate funding, the ICCSD will continue to bridge gaps with innovation and sheer determination. Roesler, Eyestone, Williams and Tilley have the skill set and judgment necessary to support our students and our teachers, advocates, paraeducators, counselors, principals and other staff.” –Matt and Mary Kate Pilcher Hayek in Little Village

“I have worked with Michael Tilley on many different school board issues over the years. He is thoughtful, reasonable, and dedicated. He has my full endorsement for ICCSD school board.” – Amy Nielsen

VOTE Michael Tilley FOR SCHOOL BOARD!Royceann Porter on a Facebook Post

“I had tried in the past to convince Michael Tilley to run for the School Board based on his rational and articulate approach to School Board issues. I am very happy to see him in the race.” – Chris Lynch, former president of the ICCSD Board of Directors in the Press-Citizen Letters to the Editor and the Gazette.

Three School Board Forums

October 21, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Sponsors: Co-hosted by the Press Citizen and the Iowa City Education Association
Location: Schwab Auditorium at the Coralville Public Library.
Details available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/411161589598254/

October 23, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: The League of Women Voters of Johnson County and the District Parent Organization
Location: Board Meeting Room at the Educational Services Center at 1725 N Dodge St.
Details available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/508297680012117/

October 30, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Sponsors: The Mental Health, Special Education, Disability (MSD) Advocacy Group, NAMI Johnson County Children’s Mental Health Coalition, and the Arc of Southeast Iowa.
Location: Iowa City Public Library
Details available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/513000289538856/