Why Vote for Michael?

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1. Michael is knowledgeable about school board policies and practices and will speak to all issues facing our district with evidence-based reasoning. His broad range of advocacy shows that he will never be a candidate who is only knowledgeable about one issue (safety issues, finances, school closings, or redistricting), but one who can speak to all issues facing our district with solid analysis, evidence-based reasoning, and moral clarity. Michael is a dedicated problem-solver. For example, he was the first person to propose housing Mann and Lincoln simultaneously in the new Hoover building during their renovations so that Grant Elementary could open in 2019 along with the new Hoover building. Without this suggestion, Lincoln’s renovations would have likely been delayed a year and the North Liberty elementary schools would still be extremely overcrowded.

2. Michael has a history of seeking, listening, and presenting other viewpoints, even when he disagrees with them. He will respect you and your arguments, and he will deliberate fairly, openly, and publicly about important subjects relevant to our school district. 

3. Michael regularly participates in board meetings, listens to committee meetings, reads and evaluates board materials, and serves on district committees and organizations. He advocates privately and publicly for the common good for all students in our district. Michael will be a quick study who adjusts well to the demands of being a board member.